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Yellow sapphires for purity and prosperity

Yellow Sapphires For Purity And Prosperity Yellow sapphires, a sub-branch multi-color gemstones belonging to the corundums, are actually crystallized shapes of aluminum oxide. The yellow color is quite peculiar and exceptional as fancy sapphires of other colors. It takes form when a strand of iron is aggrandized to the aluminum oxide, and it is now […]

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How coach handbags will make you into a fashionista

How Coach Handbags Will Make You Into A Fashionista The Coach brand has always been known for being elegant and timeless, and their signature monogrammed pattern has become iconic. However, their current philosophy involves being on top of the contemporary style trends and brilliantly adapting them. Aside from being incredibly pleasing to the eye, their […]

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Bvlgari sunglasses – artistically inspired by history

BVLGARI Sunglasses – Artistically Inspired by History The BVLGARI brand despite being one of the trendiest, stylish and always at the forefront of fashion is one that has a history dating back to over 100 years ago. The Bulgari family descend from a line of Greek silversmiths who began trading silver objects in a village […]

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Buying the right pair of sunglasses

Buying the Right Pair of Sunglasses Style is not the only thing to consider when purchasing that new pair of sunglasses. Making sure that they provide the right protection and are practical for their intended use is also important. Here are a few tips to consider. Fit Make sure that the sunglasses are comfortable. The […]

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Hermes birkin bags: custom-made bags by hermes birkin

Hermes Birkin Bags: Custom-made Bags by Hermes Birkin There are a lot of men, who do not understand why it is that women just love to spend much over one designer handbag. Guys have to face it that their ladies go gaga over bags from top brands like Hermes, Chanel, or Gucci. These are just […]

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