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Beautifully crafted varcheron constantin replica watches on imitatewatch

Beautifully crafted Varcheron Constantin Replica watches on imitatewatch Vacheron & Constantin dates back to 1819 when Jean-Marc Vacheron and Francois Constantin joined to create the Swiss watch making company in Geneva. It is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world. In 1974, the name was then changed to just, Vacheron Constantin. Vacheron Constantin […]

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Painted shawls and you

Painted Shawls and You Painted Shawls and You The Memoirs of a Geisha was not only remembered for its unique and intriguing storyline but for its silk imprinted kimonos that seemed to escapes haphazardly through the movie screen. But the silk luxurious imprint doesn’t leave our minds and when a handmade silk shawl is seen […]

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A very brief history of the corset

A very brief history of the corset Throughout history curvy women have been viewed as sexy and a good quality corset emphasizes these curves like no other item of clothing can.  Whilst for many years they were considered as just an undergarment, they have now been adopted whole heartedly by the fashion industry with many […]

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From skinny models to wide-legs: tailor made jeans of the year 2010

From skinny models to wide-legs: tailor made jeans of the year 2010 Clothes items made from good old customized denim stay in our wardrobes regardless of weather, season and changeable fashion trends. But why do we love custom jeans so much? First of all, thanks to their universal nature. Jeans can be worn on any […]

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Add a dash to your baby's clothing with adorable boy baby dress shoes

Add a Dash to Your Baby's Clothing with Adorable Boy Baby Dress Shoes My three year old kid’s birthday was nearing and I was looking for a birthday dress for him. I surfed through a couple of online stores and got a pair of jeans and a white tee. I also got a pair of […]

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