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Indian sensibilities on a global fashion map

Indian sensibilities on a global fashion map The global fashion map is expanding. New York, Milan, London and Paris are fast acquiring siblings. The endless list of fashion whiz kids from countries like Korea, China and India is slowly growing up to become the next pool of icons. Multicultural sensibilities are being accepted as mainstream […]

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The miracle of today’s fashions

The Miracle of Today’s Fashions The Sara Blakely foundation is a company that is dedicated to lending a helping hand to women all over the world. Sara Blakely is the founder and president of Spanx, which has one of the largest inventories of shaping and slimming intimate apparel in the world. Close to 6 years […]

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Out with the old, hurray for the new in plus-size clothing

Out With the Old, Hurray for the New in Plus-size Clothing Clothes should be comfortable, almost if not making one feel she’s wearing second skin. Clothes should bring out the shapely curves a woman is blessed with and consequently draw the attention of the opposite sex. Clothes should bring out the wearer’s innermost emotions. For […]

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Increase your glamour quotient with celebrity style sunglasses

Increase Your Glamour Quotient With Celebrity Style Sunglasses Increase Your Glamour Quotient With Celebrity Style Sunglasses  Like so many changed superior ideas, sunglasses were invented in China and came to Europe cache Marco Polo.Visit Here Now http://burberrysunglassesmen.blogspot.com  Initially, they were used to hide one’s eyes again thoughts. absolute wasn’t until the mid-1700s that they joined […]

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Animal print in fashion

Animal Print in Fashion Tiger stripes. Leopard print. Giraffe spots. Animal print patterns have survived well through the 80’s and are still everywhere in the fashion world today. Seen by some as trashy, animal prints are actually one of the longest standing patterns in fashion, seen on everything from lingerie to shoes to blankets and […]

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