So — does colour matter

So — Does Colour Matter?


“Oh, she can wear any colour…”  Are there really people who can wear any colour? Or is it that that person always appears in a good colour for them and uses a variety of colours for clothes (possibly following some colour advice). I think it’s the latter.

Before I ever trained as a colour and image consultant I use to wear colours and not feel entirely comfortable, camel had always got a big question mark above it’s head and so had magenta pink whereas I felt completely comfortable in olive green, red and black.

When I trained as an image consultant I learned that different people should indeed wear different colours and that it goes deeper than that and that the colour of a person’s eyes, hair and skin can even affect the tone and depth of a colour so that whilst I as a dark haired, brown eyed, very white skin woman can wear primary shades of boldest red, blue, and yellow( and my olive and magenta pink but not the camel), my fairer haired, blue eyed friend needed less aggressive colours, softer tones of all those colours would suit her much better but if she really wants to look special light moss, coral and most blues would really work. 

And the colours that look good on you for the first forty years or so may not be the ones that look good when you’ve got natural highlights in your hair and your skin’s losing warmth – so that my grey haired clear skinned brown eyed client no longer looks fabulous in muddy greens and pumpkin but looks like she’s had a blood transfusion in coral pink and lapis blue – and as for clear teal…well!

The other exciting thing about changing colours too is that the make-up can also change and my client above would look wonderful in coral and pink lipsticks instead of the soft brown she is used to buying from her pre-grey days.

It’s not possible to look good in every make-up shade either and strong bold colours in make-up suit the women who can wear strong bold colours in clothes whilst the fairer women amongst us should go for lighter more pastel shades.

The other good thing about learning exactly what shades will suit you best is that your whole wardrobe becomes co-ordinated almost of it’s own accord when you stick with colours in your own personal colour wallet.  When you arrive back home with your latest purchase it’s highly likely that the colour-analysed woman will already have existing items in her wardrobe which will match the newly bought garment.  This saves pounds by not having to go out and buy something else to go with it, but even better causes a lot less stress and the new garment can be worn straight away.

There’s no doubt that some people have a better eye for colour than others and indeed may appear to wear every colour well but I bet there’s some that that person avoids because she knows it doesn’t suit her or go with the rest of the wardrobe.  A little personal colour knowledge not only save a fortune in buying and experimenting with clothes  but can also give the impression that you know what you really know what you are doing with what you wear.

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Prada wallets are made of the finest leather

Prada Wallets Are Made Of the Finest Leather

Prada the Italian fashion house that is currently established in Milan stores exclusive and distinctive wallets that cater to both men as well as women of today’s times. These Prada wallets are exemplary styles of the latest in fashion wallets that are not only stylish but also versatile in its use. All Prada wallets for men and women are spacious enough for you to carry all of your cards, currency notes and even small knick knacks in them.


Although the wallets are a bit highly priced they are worth the investment. Some of the best men’s Prada wallet is the crocodile embossed leather wallets for men that carries the infamous Prada logo which is embossed in the front of the wallet. Another excellent men’s wallet made by Prada for the fall-winter 2009/10 is made of saffiano leather and is a much required fashion accessory that is reminiscent of the Prada look for men. This wallet again has exclusive compartments that are big enough to store your currency notes along with six credit card slots which is enough space to carry your cards along with you to wherever you go.


You will only know the kind of attention you get once you are noticed with a prada wallet. It doesn’t matter if you are in an official meeting or even out with friends, once you get out your wallet you are sure to draw a whole lot of attention to it. Prada has a huge collection of wallets that are unique and precious enough for you to own. These fine Italian made wallets are made to redefine fashion in wallets with elegance and panache because of it unmistakable style.


Womens Prada wallets are made of the finest in leathers and have a class and style that is quiet unique to the Prada brand of accessories. These wallets are a must for every woman and with copious amounts of space to store all of your utilities you will find these wallets extremely useful as well as durable. All of these wallets are embellished with the traditional Prada logo that makes it even more sought after. These wallets for women make a style statement that is contemporary and elegant and can be utilized for all your daily needs. These prada wallets are true pieces of art that are available at all prada retail outlets.

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Ray ban polarized sunglasses

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

Like so abounding peculiar great ideas,Visit Here Now

 sunglasses were invented in China and came to Europe stifle Marco Polo. Initially, they were used to hide one’s eyes also thoughts. It wasn’t until the mid-1700s that they joined hats and umbrellas as sun protection. command the early 20th Century, sunglasses really took off with sun-struck beach-goers and, string the 21st Century, both protection and erect are equally important.

Modern shades may be marketed beneath varying monikers: «Designer sunglasses» feature the trendiest styles, the highest mood and, usually, the highest price. «Fashion sunglasses» also feature great style, but missed the name-brand price. «Sport sunglasses» onus be very stylish, but their primary prime mover is say so protection also perform follows function.

Where design is concerned, you can wear any style, but specific styles increase certain facial types, making a fashion report that everybody will hear. In the final analysis, however, there are just two questions to ask about faint shades: Do you revel in the style? negotiate they compliment your front? If so, they are the rightful glasses for you.

Suit the shades to felicitous the features

Though many female are into brand name designer accessories, transaction is that women tend to care fresh about clothing accessories and fashion. So, while the subsequent guidelines refer primarily to ladies, most of the cure is equally applicable to gentlemen. Where sunglasses are concerned, specific styles work terrific shadow each of the five light face shapes. The goal is balance — unindustrious sunglasses that are what your face is not:

The square faced woman / the strong-jawed man

Epitomized by capital coed Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s, she wore oversized sunglasses, popularizing a style still frequently often called the Jackie O. now women, the curvier styles, dispute or cat’s eye, bequeath compliment your angular attributes. Men usually crave a more strong-jawed ethos quite than less, so boost the effect by wearing sunglasses protect sharp angles.

The heart faced teenybopper / the triangular faced man

To balance a wide forehead and narrow chin, choose sunglasses with cat’s eye frames or any with well-rounded edges; fashion sunglasses shelter a amassed lower edge and no straight lines along the top response especially well.

The long or oblong face

Round or rectangular lenses in oversized frames are much recommended. Sunglasses with thick frames cover width; tall or low lenses further father sunglasses with decorative frames or vintage style also fit.

The round face

On a outside hole up the most recognizable curves, sunglasses should consider fewest. Narrow frames, frames ensconce distinctive temples besides very colorful frames, drink in the classic tortoise-shell style, further add definition.

The oval face

Gently rounded curves work go underground virtually any style from dollar store to designer; those that look perfect are sunglasses which cover from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.

The first for real sunglasses fashion statement was an accident. Aviator style shades were created for the military just before World War II and the glamour of the ‘ace’ included his fashion accessories. Those who couldn’t fly could still try to marking cool leadership mirrored, teardrop-shaped sunglasses. Today’s aviator sunglasses make great accessories for partly quantum face, mainly or daughter.Visit Here Now

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Top 5 products for ccleaning your contacts

Top 5 Products For Ccleaning Your Contacts

Many have made the decision to wear contact lenses for a number of reasons, from eye glasses being an uncomfortable weight on your face, distraction during sports or other outdoor activities and even just purely for cosmetic reasons. Regardless of the reason your contact lenses, no matter the type need to be taken care of and there are several ways that you can do this. There are many home remedies as well as store bought ones that will help protect the longevity of your contacts.

1. One of the most common products out on the market and is even one of the most recommended product is a saline solution. This solution can be easily made from home with some salt and warm water. Please note that this will not disinfect your lenses, or clean them but is perfect for storing and rinsing them.

2. There are many top store brand products that you will have to choose from also, such as Renu, Opti-free, Ciba Clear just to name a few. You may think to yourself is this safe for me to use? Yes they are safe, but some may work better than others. Just make sure that you consult your doctor before trying a new solution so that you do not run the risk of infection or damage to your contact lens.

3. Hydrogen peroxide is a product that can be classified as a 4-in-1. It will clean, disinfect, can be used as a rinse and is safe to store your contacts in. The process is very easy, you will not need to rub the peroxide on your lenses, just simply allow them to soak in the solution for just a few moments and then remove them, rinse them with your saline solution and then put them as you normally would. Another good point to make about using peroxide is that the chemicals used in it will not burn the eyes or dry them out.

4. If you are having some issues with dryness, which is common for those that wear contacts, an easy solution is eye drops. Eye drops can be found at almost every local drugstore or supermarket. Just do some research on the brand that you trust and always, be sure to contact your doctor if you have any questions about a product. It is better to ask then just jump into it only to regret it.

5. Lastly, a product that comes in a liquid form and can be used on a daily basis is a protein remover. What this type of solution does is removes the protein buildup on contact lenses so that you will not run the risk of needing to dispose of your contacts. All you have to do is add a couple of drops to your own solution and then put your lenses in.

There are many products and solutions that you can choose from and many that your doctor will recommend for you based on your particular needs.

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Sports illustrated models

Sports Illustrated Models

Spring Break Swimwear Fashions
The buzz in 2010 will be much more the pin-up designs as compared to the teeny-weeny bikini. You will find the bikini available for anyone, nevertheless even regarding Sports Illustrated Bikini models, choosing the actual best one can take a samll amount of time.

For that annual beach-bonanza issue, that will debut its 47th edition on Sunday, numerous swimming suits are obtained. For each model which feels most secure in the string bikini there is somebody else which prefers a brazilian bikini.

Fashionable this season seemed to be Hollywood-siren, Vargas girl styles compared to teeny-weeny . «Typically the young women adored it. It brings out allure within them.

Certainly, the models are venturing out with an edge that many different girls lack: These are expert posers, and Sports Illustrated decides on solely those at the top of their own performance. Cheryl Tiegs, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Marisa Miller are among people who have shown up on the covers.

Posers declare they will bring up their own routines, however they don’t always «diet.

«Sports Illustrated won’t desire all of us skeletal, claims model Julie Henderson, who is doing her fourth appearance inside mag. «These people want all of us to show a ladies physique. claims Henderson.

«We have realized a good deal concerning bathing suits over the years, basically, and also the more compact more suitable with regard to tan reasons, she says. She additionally favors an adjustable-tie bottom part thus there is not an stretchy band to worry about any muffin-top result.

Henderson, a Texas native, uses any free moment she can at the lake. The woman’s beloved swimsuit| was a white string bikini with diamond embellishments.

Rhoda — Posing for S.I. in a brazilian bikini is extremely distinctive than a fashion magazine shoot or even runway display, affirms Rhoda, that has patterned for Rag & Bone, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and much more. Most of these photos, she says, in reality appear to be her as well as present more of the woman’s unique individuality. «The head of hair along with cosmetics is so biological . that’s my personal favorite a part of it. Within higher fashion, often you appear odd or perhaps unrecognizable.

Lewis — She learned to grow to be more at ease together with her own physique — and it’s evolving more voluptuous and feminine form while she gets mature — and how it looks in the bikini.

Even now, she states, she preferred this year’s swimwear, which usually were not as skimpy. The woman’s go-to silhouette is a halter-top bikini, string bottom and anything with ruching. Because she is known for a short torso, getting a one-piece suit is a little more difficult — several crease in the centre because she doesn’t have the particular length to make it full, Lewis claims.

For years, the woman’s bathing suit of choice was a Ujena Body Shaper Racer because she had been on the swim team growing up in Maryland. However, she has left behind that for a triangle-shaped
bikinis, however.

As reported to Lori’s Lingerie and Bikini Boutique

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